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Break the monotony of rectangular windows with arched, combination and bay uPVC windows

Type of Special Windows

Break the monotony of rectangular windows with arched, combination and bay uPVC windows from Karthik Doors and Windows.

 Open up to the outside world with style. Let the windows of your home make the outside world elegant for you. At Karthik Doors and Windows, we make casement windows that are safe, suave and stylish. Take a look at the range we offer and choose the one that suits your style.


Invite the old-world charm of an arched window and take the aesthetic value of your home to another level. An arched window is rectangular at the base and semi-circled or arched on the top, the ones that you see in artworks. Break the monotony of rectangular windows without compromising on the inward allowance of air and sunshine.

Key Features:

  • Looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adds softness to your space without spending large amount of money.
  • Arched top head is fixed and the rectangular part has openable sashes.
  • Works best for individual homes, especially for patio and external doors.
  • Comes with grids for the exterior and interior side that enhance design aesthetics.
  • Available in various configuration that include, Single Sash Side Hung, Double Sash Side Hung, Picture Windows, Palladian Windows.


If you don’t want to choose between casement and sliding windows, then we have a solution that gives you the best of both worlds – Combination Windows. Built by combining one or two fixed/single sash side hung casement door/window/double sash side hung casement door/window, top hung/two/three track multi-sash sliding windows, it makes your home complete.

Key Features:

  • Looks aesthetically grand and imposing.
  • Integrates a strong and attractive unit of doors and windows.
  • Works best for wide, tall and external spaces in your walls.
  • Multiple kinds of windows grouped together to form one comprehensive unit.
  • Gives you the freedom to choose various permutation and combination of windows.
  • Costs more because of the extra reinforcing required to make it more stable at the coupled joints.


Wood finishing for your doors and windows can make your space beautiful but adding wood to window and door panes is impractical and expensive. Lamination can be an efficient solution that creates the same effect as wood finishing. Go ahead, make your doors and windows look neat, beautiful while easy-to-maintain.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for all kinds of doors and windows.
  • Maintains the classic look while employing the latest technology.
  • Available in brown base profiles instead of white base profiles for both sides.
  • Lamination film on uPVC profiles renders the appearance of mahogany and/or oak.
  • Difficulty in maintaining pristine white laminates is countered by grey or cream colour options.
  • Available in various shades, which are Mahogany, Rustic Oak, Golden Oak.
  • One solution that comes with a combination of advantages, which include – aesthetic appeal of wood, durability, acoustic and thermal insulation, hassle-free to maintain and comes with weather-dust proofing characteristics of uPVC doors and windows.


As a good architect, you need to have an eye for solutions that are modern, technically sound and innovative, and a knack for delivering within the given costs and timelines. And when it comes to doors and windows, Karthik doors and windows VEKA uPVC systems offer an optimal balance between aesthetics, design, performance and value.

Take a look at the following critical criteria that Karthik Doors and Windows more than satisfies:

  • Almost unlimited customisation options: available in a range of shapes and designs, combinations and extra-large windows.
  • Technical attributes: high sound and thermal insulation, besides protection against rain water seepage.
  • Range of finishes to suit the desired look of exteriors/interiors: available in white and wood-finish laminations.


Sliding windows comprises of two or more than two horizontal sashes that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth sideward track movement. Easy to operate, these windows offer panoramic views and a great amount of ventilation

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